How First UMC Budgets

First UMC has a unique way of budgeting, represented by the chart below. As you’ll see, we have made a commitment to immediately send out 25% of all contributions to support other missions and ministries. 10% goes to the church’s missions fund, and another 15% goes to the United Methodist Church in apportionments.

This form of budgeting allows each First UMC community to make its own decisions regarding most ministry and missions (reflected in “local ministry costs”) while allowing us to participate in some important ministries together and providing a better, less expensive administrative structure than any of us could provide on our own (reflected in “church wide expenses”).

For more details, see our leadership’s letter to the congregation, “Stepping Out in Faith,” or our Financial FAQ.

giving breakdown

Local ministry costs represent all of the direct ministries of our Andover, Downtown, and Offerings communities. When you give in one of these communities, 50% remains in that community to cover the costs of its particular ministries and missions, including staff, program, property, and administrative expenses.

Missions funds represent the amount of your contributions that we immediately earmark for missions. The church’s missions team uses these funds to support the outreach efforts of First UMC and to support our missions partners around Lexington and across the world.

Apportionments are the funds our church pays to the Kentucky Annual Conference and our Lexington District. These support the inter-connectional ministries of the United Methodist Church.

Church wide expenses represent the areas where all of the communities of First UMC are working together or receiving administrative support. These include stipends for each faith community, church-wide communications, office building and supplies, insurance, vehicles, and administrative staff.