FUMC Endowment Foundation


Invest in the future of our church by a bequest to the Church

What is the First United Methodist Church Endowment Foundation, Inc?

Created in 2001, the Foundation accepts, manages and distributes funds to promote and support existing and future programs at First Church. The purpose of the Foundation is to enhance the mission and outreach of the church beyond the annual operating budget. These funds are entirely separate and distinct from the funds that support the day-to-day operations budget of First Church.

The Foundation’s initial funding was $356,000 from bequests to the Church over the years. Due to the generosity of our members and the astute management of the funds by the Investment Committee, the portfolio has grown to over $1,113,000 as of the end of 2017. The Foundation has distributed $854,000 back to First Church since its inception.

Gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible and are “Gifts that keep on giving.”

Who manages the Foundation?

A Board of Stewards elected by the Church Charge Conference manages investments and approves requests for disbursements.

Who asks for disbursements?

Understanding the needs of the Church and depending on the fund, either the Board of Trustees, the Charge Conference, or the Administrative Council may request disbursements from the Foundation.

What will my gift support?

  • Missions
  • Albin C. Whitworth Music Fund
  • Infrastructure Support Fund
  • Bachmeyer Stilz/Smith Parsonage Fund
  • Fellows Scholarships
  • Nancy Roszell Stephen Ministries Fund
  • Church History
  • Judy Hoffman Memorial Fund
  • New Worship Communities and Leadership Development
  • Church Needs
  • All Equities Church Fund

How will my gift be allocated? 

You may designate the Fund or Funds you wish to receive your gift. If you make no designation, the Funds/Distributions Committee will allocate your gift as they determine it will best serve the mission of the Foundation and the needs of the Church.

What is the Heritage Society?

The Heritage Society was established to recognize and honor members who have made bequests to or included the Church in their estate planning. A cast bronze living tree icon was placed in the Downtown Gathering Hall as a symbol of the Society. The four plaques on the wall with the icon and one at Andover near the kitchen include the names of those, both living and deceased, who have included First Church in their will.

How do I make known the fact that I have included First Church in my estate planning?

Contact a Board of Stewards member or call the First United Methodist Church office at 859-233-0545 and request a “Heritage Society Enrollment Form.” Return the completed form and your nameplate will be acquired and installed on the plaque at the appropriate location.

Board of Stewards

Tracy Spencer, Chair

Todd Nelson, Senior Pastor

Bob Fleming

George Gill

Mary Ellen Harden

Ron Hoffman

Gary Koch

Greg House

Tim Mowery

Jonathan Moore, Trustees Rep.

Adam Peterson

Matt Wood

Brad Rudolph, Admin. Council Rep.

Howard Shellhaas, Emeritus

Buck Buckley, Emeritus

Alexis Scott, Staff

Chad Foster, Staff